The AI4EPO team has been announced as the winner of the European Patent Office (EPO) first ever CodeFest on Green Plastics! The winning team consists of Helvia's CEO Dr. Stavros Vassos, Dr. Dimitrios Skraparlis from EPO, NL and Dr. Prodromos Malakasiotis and Odysseas Diamantopoulos from AUEB, GR.

The CodeFest was organized by the EPO aiming to inspire future innovation to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and circular economy. The winner was announced at the Awards Ceremony on 23 February 2023, where the six finalists presented their solutions.

AI4EPO's winning solution was based on the development of novel AI models, including large language models from OpenAI for zero-shot, few-shot and other approaches to arrive at a custom MLP neural network for binary and multi-label classification of patents as green plastics. You can find out more about their approach here.

This solution will contribute to the development of an automated classification scheme for green plastics, tackling one of today's key sustainability challenges.

The official EPO announcement about the winners is available here.