HR tech is increasingly becoming conversational, with the assistance of AI chatbots creating unmatched Employee Experiences. Organizations using HR digital assistants can also rely on tech to drive diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

Create a fair and safe work environment

Before tech takes over, you need to ensure that you have clear Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) policies in place, including a mission for fair treatment, and an anti-discrimination policy with consequences for those who do not comply.

With this information at hand, you can create educational content about your DE&I policies and initiatives and have it documented in a knowledge base, available to all employees.

Now this is the time to get help from your AI chatbot to deliver micro training sessions on these important topics. You can schedule frequent training sessions throughout the year to the employees with mini quizzes, ensuring they are all aware of the organization’s diversity & inclusion policy.

Your digital assistant will help with delivering the training sessions in a consistent manner, incorporating questions to evaluate comprehension. With these results, you can assess the strengths of your DE&I strategy and take further actions as needed.

Raise awareness of your DE&I initiatives

Curate your DE&I policies and initiatives into digestible FAQs chunks. You can then easily feed this content into your conversational AI chatbot to be able to answer incoming enquiries around this topic 24/7.

In addition, you can schedule and send recurring announcements about any planned initiatives, engaging employees to take part. For example you can share your plans to celebrate Pride!

Check these tips for creating meaningful chatbot content.

Be open to feedback

Give employees a safe place to express any concerns, negative experiences or anything related to discrimination. Your digital assistant can be a great place for employees to share anything that concerns them. This will provide you with a great tool to get new processes in place to ensure any such information is acted upon.

Employees can keep their anonymity if they wish to do so, they can feel safe that their voice is heard and that the organization is open to take action.

Your chatbot can also receive suggestions and ideas for enhancements in your diversity policies.

You can also link your chatbot to live chat in case an employee needs to speak to someone directly about such incidents.

Minimize bias in the hiring process

Limit human bias in the hiring process by relying on the objectivity of algorithms. Chatbots assist in reducing time and effort in the pre-screening process, and they are also a great means of ensuring objectivity in the candidate selection process.

These are some of the ways in which your HR digital assistant can help you drive diversity and inclusivity in the organization. If you want to check how Helvia can assist with your Employee Experience, contact us at