Helvia once again supported the HETiA Emerging Tech Forum, that took place on December 7, 2022 at the Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens. The forum focused on Greece’s potential within the EU Chips Act, the capacity of Greek firms to produce technologies for IoT, Smart Cities, Factories and Infrastructures, as well as the post-Covid workplace and workforce status.

Highlights of the forum are available here.

Helvia's Marketing Manager Loukia Tsagkli was part of the panel "The post Covid-19 workplace and workforce", discussing challenges and opportunities in the post-pandemic era.

Loukia Tsagkli, Marketing Manager, Helvia, at the HETiA Emerging Tech Forum on post-Covid19 workforce challenges and opportunities

Some key takeaways included:

· Remote work is here to stay, where applicable, with a hybrid model becoming the preferred option by employees.

· Work chat has become the main means of internal communications in the workplace.

· As labor supply issues create further challenges for businesses looking to hire new talent, enhanced benefits, happiness, and wellbeing in the workplace can give companies a competitive edge.

· It is very important for companies to focus on Employee Experience, invest in employee engagement and create a culture that will be part of the competitive advantage in attracting new and retaining existing talent.

· Measuring employee engagement, eNPS, setting KPIs and making informed decisions based on analytics is key to achieving a thriving work environment.

· Implementing the right processes and having the right systems to increase automation in the workplace are necessary tools to transform employee experience.