Helvia is featured in the Startupper Mag #27 (May 2022 issue), explaining how the company’s conversational end-to-end solutions transform Employee Experience.

Helvia co-founders - Dimi Balaouras (left) and Stavros Vassos (right)

With the latest trend in HR tech being the "disappearing HRMS", Helvia's conversational Employee Experience solution is a game-changer in the ever evolving world of HR.

And why is this happening?

Because an increasing number of corporate processes are now operating within "work chat" communication systems, such as Microsoft Teams, while at the same time fast and automatic self-service is expected by employees. In fact, more than 40% of the world workforce in the post-pandemic era are now "deskless", asking for the HR system to also "disappear"- we just talk to it without having to really connect to it.

Instead of looking for the information we are interested in among multiple and often disconnected applications, chatting with a digital assistant (chatbot) has the advantage of being direct and interactive:

  • How many days off am I allowed?
  • The last leave you requested is for 21 June - 22 June. You still have 13 days available for 2022. Would you like to add a new leave request or view your history?

Helvia transforms Employee Experience through conversational AI

Helvia blends Artificial Intelligence (AI) and interaction through a digital assistant (chatbot) to offer a complete solution for the needs of employees and those of the HR department:

  • A wizard for the employees! The digital assistant is an "HR wizard", available in work chat communication systems, such as Microsoft Teams, which can talk to any employee at any time they need information.
  • The Employee Handbook that speaks! The digital assistant gives quick answers to many common questions 24/7, guaranteeing employee satisfaction and saving HR team's time!
  • The HRMS disappears! The digital assistant is framed by a lean and easy-to-use HRMS that has the basic functions an organization needs: Time-off requests, Time-tracking, Ticketing, Inventory. Employees talk to the chatbot about all their needs and the chatbot acts as an intermediary to process requests and approvals!
  • The voice of HR! The digital assistant simplifies communication between employees and management, becoming the sole interactive channel for each employee. In addition to managing requests, it is also there to understand the mood of the employees through periodic quick polls. The digital assistant has the ability to gather information through tried and tested solutions for mood pulse, eNPS, and free-form feedback.
  • Meaningful analytics in the hands of HR! The digital assistant is the right hand of the HR team. With aggregated data that helps in monitoring and planning the strategy for an optimal employee experience.

Helvia's solutions are flexible to adjust to the needs of any organization and evolve with it.

  • Off-the-shelf solution for small businesses (SMEs), ready in less than 5 minutes. Easy installation of HRwiz through the official Microsoft App Store for maximum integration in Teams work chat. With simple and easy administration and without the need for technical knowledge, the proposed solution can be added directly to serve any organization, using the built-in HRMS and the HRwiz assistant.
  • Extensive integrations for large enterprises.  Helvia's Conversational Employee Experience is available through Helvia's XM suite, offering interfaces with the most widely used HR software, enabling a custom installation based on each organization's needs. Following "no-code" logic, Helvia's XM console enables professionals who do not have programming knowledge to create personalized experiences for employees.

About Helvia

Helvia was founded in 2018 by Stavros Vassos and Dimitris Balaouras with the mission to offer the best Conversational AI solutions in three key corporate functions: Sales, Customer Support, and Human Resource Management. Helvia provides complete A-Z solutions, combining digital assistants with ready-made management applications: CRM for customers, Live-chat for support, HCM for employees.

Helvia XM Suite offers a complete set of plug-and-play "bricks" that can be combined to create integrated experiences within the new communication channels introduced in the digital world: Microsoft Teams and Slack inside companies, but also Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Websites for interacting with partners and customers.

Helvia is already active in the US having partnerships with Fortune-500 companies, as well as with multiple SMEs.

Helvia is a remote-first team of researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs, with agile culture and decentralized offices-hubs. The team is constantly growing and looking for partners with a love of challenges and a thirst for learning - more at www.helvia.io/join.

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