As Greece approaches its parliamentary election on 25 June 2023, it can become challenging to find accurate information about the official positions of each political party., a new tool developed by, aims to solve this issue by providing a conversational platform for users to ask questions about the political strategy of each party. is an innovative scale-up specializing in digital assistants that use artificial intelligence. The idea for arose during the pre-election period when the company realized that valid information about the political strategies of each party was difficult to find in publications, videos, and other sources. Most citizens are not accustomed to thoroughly reading the official programs of the parties, and the need for immediate and comprehensive information has become a habit. is an online service that allows users to ask questions in a conversational manner about the official positions of the Greek political parties. Users can enter free text questions on the topic they need information about. The system utilizes AI in such a way that it understands the theme and responds in 'natural language' like a digital assistant.

The information comes from the official published programs of the parties. has listed the official positions of the following political parties on its website: New Democracy, SY.RI.ZA - PA, PASOK-KINAL, Communist Party of Greece , Greek Solution, MeRA25 (DiEM25), NIKI, ANT.AR.SY.A. , KINIMA 21, OKDE, Eleutheroi Xana, Assembly of Greeks, Enono, Union of Centrists, National Creation, Liberal Alliance, Ecologist Greens, Pnoi Dimokratias, Green Foundation, and Alliance of Subversion. is a useful service for those who want to get  informed about the official positions of the parties on any issue included in their official program. It is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to make an informed decision during the parliamentary elections in 2023.

As Stavros Vassos, CEO & Co-Founder emphasized, "this tool is an excellent example of of how AI can act as an interface to the digital world of information".

The service is available in both Greek and English and you can access it free of charge at

For inquiries please get in touch at You can find the press release in Greek here.