Stavros Vassos and Dimi Balaouras, co-founders, were recently interviewed by Naftemporiki newspaper. In the article you can find more about their journey, from when they met at university, to their reunion after many years.

How combines AI with business software engineering’s mission is to revolutionize business communication through Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models. The company focuses on providing exceptional customer and employee experiences, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration. By challenging themselves and exploring new possibilities, the team is constantly trying to reshape the future of communications for companies worldwide.

How a chance meeting on a street led to the creation of an AI-based startup  was founded following a chance meeting, when its two co-founders crossed paths again in the city of Larissa. They had been fellow students in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, but they took separate paths after their second year. Stavros pursued postgraduate studies and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Toronto, while Dimi started working in the field of software engineering and programming, working in various companies.

Their unexpected reunion emerged their shared passion for technology, leading them to join forces and found Combining their expertise in Artificial Intelligence and software engineering, the founders focused on transforming business communication through the power of generative AI.

Who was the first major client outside of Greece?

When both co-founders returned to Greece in 2016, fate reunited them in Larissa. Realizing the potential of combining AI with enterprise software engineering, they began a journey to create innovative solutions for enterprises. At first they started as consultants and gradually evolved into a formal corporate structure until 2018.

They achieved success through their partnership with Safesize, a startup, which helped them refine their technology. However, it was also their partnership with Kelly Services, a leading HR recruitment and talent management company in the US, which in 2018 marked a significant advancement for “This partnership allowed us to expand our team, ensuring flexible partnerships and to be armed with a broad skillset to keep facing new challenges in the customer and employee experience sectors”, said Stavros. The pandemic and the shift to remote working further highlighted the importance of's solutions.

The challenges

Operating in a city with limited technological infrastructure, faced challenges in networking and finding opportunities in the administrative and marketing aspects of its business. Initially, the co-founders took on administrative and marketing related responsibilities themselves to allow engineers and developers to focus on their tasks. Despite these challenges, benefited from the presence of skilled engineers and programmers in the area. was able to successfully overcome geographical obstacles and connected with remote employees from the Silicon Valley through active participation in meetings and events. These interactions provided valuable insights that helped the company leave its own landmark in the technology industry.'s dedication and expertise did not go unnoticed. This dedication paid off as the company attracted the attention of iSolved, a California-based company with a large user base of millions of employees. Recognizing's capabilities, iSolved pursued a partnership that resulted in the integration of's technology into its own products.'s success highlights the importance of persistence, strategic networking and adaptability in the technology industry.

How will expand its strategic partnerships is focused on staying ahead in the language AI industry by constantly introducing new solutions and innovations. To achieve  this, the company recognizes the need for strategic partnerships and maintaining its competitiveness in the rapidly evolving AI services landscape.

Clearly focused on improving the customer experience and delivering effective solutions, aims to utilize the power of generative and Language AI by going way beyond traditional understanding of customer insights and offering end-to-end solutions. This approach enables the company to stand out in the competitive AI market, particularly in the US, where it has already established a significant customer base. To boost its standing, is actively pursuing strategic partnerships where its products can be resold or its technology can be integrated into other companies' offerings. This partnership approach not only allows to to explore new markets and expand its scope, but also enhances the accessibility and value of its product to end users. Maintaining a strong and adaptable mindset, continues to evolve with the changing AI landscape, placing itself as a fundamental player in the industry.

You can read the full interview in Greek here.