Panel discussion on Extracting value from Digital Transformation, at Beyond Expo 2022

Dimi Balaouras, Helvia Co-Founder & CTO, was part of the panel discussing Extracting value from Digital Transformation, at Beyond Expo 2022 in Thessaloniki.

Dimi explained how Helvia is helping organizations successfully manage their digital transformation journey through conversational AI, which connects humans with machines through natural language.

Helvia's solutions add value through communication automation, and are applied in various domains, including customer support, account management, and employee experience.

In regards to employee experience in particular, Helvia brings a solution that closes the gap that has been created due to current trends that affect today's workforce.

Firstly, remote work and hybrid work models are here to stay, with more than 40% of the global workforce in the post-pandemic era now being 'deskless'. Secondly, we live in an era where we notice that work chat has taken on a very central role, and specifically instant chat, something that is shown also by the increasing penetration of MS Teams. Last, there is the great resignation wave, which poses new challenges for companies who strive to create more attractive conditions for employees.

The above trends bring on new challenges but also some opportunities. The main challenge is that modern workers want the immediacy of communication that work chat platforms offer. They expect the information about the issues that concern them to be provided right when and where they want it. The opportunity lies in the fact that that these communication platforms not only give us the option to have a more direct and friendlier communication with the employees, but they also add value through meaningful data.

Helvia's solution for HR

Here comes the solution that Helvia offers, which brings smart AI ​​assistants (chatbots) exactly where users are, i.e., in MS Teams. On the one hand this allows employees to get instant information on any HR related issue, e.g., time off, benefits, etc., and on the other hand it enables HR to communicate directly with employees, get useful data from surveys, like eNPS, and to better understand employee sentiment and how happy they are.

Helvia therefore transforms Employee Experience by combining AI and interaction through a chatbot to offer a complete solution for the needs of employees and those of the HR department.

The solution works through an application the organization needs to install and it is configurable through Helvia's Language AI Platform. Through this app an organization can automate more than 50-60% of the HR processes.

Growing demand

There is a growing interest for Helvia's HR solution, especially from the US. There are two main types of companies that are currently being served to cover different needs:

· Large organizations with more than 6-7 thousand employees. These companies use various systems, have complex processes and find value through the automation and the integrations that Helvia offers.

· Smaller organizations with 20-100 employees. These organizations in addition to the value they gain from the HR chatbot, they also benefit from an integrated solution that Helvia offers for everything related to core HR needs, like time off schedule, benefits, etc.

Demand for Helvia's HR solutions also comes from intermediary companies that sell HRMS software, which have realized the gap in the market and come to Helvia to fill it. These companies have identified the need for a solution within the communication platforms the work is done, to enable 'humanized' interaction of employees with the HR software and a two-way meaningful interaction of employees with the HR department.

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